English Grammar for You

A Comprehensive Grammar Guide


An adjective is a word that describes a noun.
 Functions of Adjectives

 1.Attributive adjective

An adjective, which pre-modifies a noun, is called an attributive adjective.

A popular person
The oldest town in Sri Lanka
An Indian fellow

Adjectives usually used as attributive
Eastern, northern, southern, atomic, countless, digital, existing, indoor, introductory, maximum, occasional, outdoor

2. Post positive Adjective

An adjective which occurs immediately after a noun is called a Post positive Adjective.

Something useful
Those responsible
The books available
The chairman designate
The questions galore
The president elect

Adjectives usually used as post positive
Designate, elect, galore, incarnate, broad, deep, high, long, old, tall, thick, wide, concerned, involved, present, proper, responsible,    affected, available,  required,  suggested

3. Predicative Adjective

A predicative adjective functions as a subject, a complement or an object complement after a link verb such as be, look, seem etc.

1.    You look so bright.
2.    He seems to be young.
3.    He is interested in learning Urdu.
4.    I am glad to meet you.
5.    I am aware of your problems well.
6.    The players are ready for the match.
7.    She made me crazy.

Adjectives usually used as predicative
afraid, alive, alone, asleep, aware, content, due, glad, ill, ready, sorry, sure, unable, well

4. As the head of a noun phrase – Adjective noun

‘The + adjective’, which refers to a social group of people’, is considered as the head of a noun phrase or as the adjective noun.

Adjective nouns are usually followed  by plural verbs.

The injured:   all injured people or ‘the people who are  injured’
The blind:     all blind people
The gifted:    all gifted people
The rich:       all rich people
The poor:     all poor people
The sick:       all sick people
The handicapped: all handicapped people
The unemployed:  all unemployed people
The elderly:    all elderly people
The young:    all young people
The wealthy:  all wealthy people

The Middle aged usually wear western dresses.
The Middle aged usually wears the western dresses. (Error)