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Word Classes

Words are essential units in every sentence. According to modern Grammar, parts of speech are called word classes. The words of English Language have been listed according to the word classes. There are seven major word classes in English.
It is significant to recognize and identify the different types of the word classes in English, so that you can understand the grammar well.

Verb: (drink, cut, be, have, like)
Noun: (boy, game, February, kick)
Determiner: (a, an, the, many, much)
Adjective:  (thin, smooth, happy, anxious, hot)
Adverb:  (quickly, well, nicely, home)
Preposition:  (at, in, on, with, for, to)
Conjunction:  (and, because, but, or, if, when)

 Main divisions of word classes

   1. Open classes
   2. Closed classes

Open class
When an unlimited number of words are added to a particular word class, it is called Open class.

book, boy, obedience, oil, water

Lexical verbs:
go, drink, pay, do, cut, destroy

good, difficult, sincere, beautiful

successfully, carefully, tomorrow, always

 Closed class

When a limited number of words are added to a particular word class, it is called closed class.

Auxiliary verbs:

be, do, have, shall, will, may, can, must, used to, dare,  need, ought to etc.


he, she, it, they, some, this, that, everybody, none, etc.


there, have, do, like that, (went) home, yesterday, tomorrow


what, who, when, where, how old, how often, which how far etc.


Hi! Marvelous!, Hello ! ,Wow! Cheers! Hurray!


a, an, the


in, on, at, with, of, off, to, into, onto, for, under, near, through, along, across etc.


and, or, but, when, if, as, although, whether  or, either, both and, while etc.


some, many, much, all, most, few, lot of, more etc.


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